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If you have more than one wife or husband at the same time. Please email us your other spouse's details at admin@rifin.co.za
** Passport number is only required if you do not have a valid S.A. ID Number.

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  • Name : Ilse Anene
  • Surname : De Klerk
  • E-mail : admin@rifin.co.za
  • Contact number : 082 342 4848

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I/We, the undersigned, hereby instruct RI Financial Management Services and Electus Trust to process my Last Will and Testament application. RI Financial Management Services must confirm and advise if my wishes are executable and on the liquidity of my estate. To be able to assess your executability and liquidity of your estate, authority from you is needed to obtain your policy and investment information from the product providers. Please ensure that we receive the Last Will and Testament Application together with the Authority Letter.


RI Financial Management Services (PTY) Ltd, FSP 47004, Electus Trust and staff, acknowledge that while rendering services in terms of this instruction, they shall come into possession of information of a confidential nature. No staff shall at any time use or disclose or allow third parties to use or disclose any of your confidential information except with your written permission. Information on this application form would only be used for this specific purpose, if or when this information would be used for further servicing options, your written confirmation would be requested.

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I have read and agree to the Instruction and Disclosure. The signed and completed authority letter with proof of payment will be e-mailed to admin@rifin.co.za