Team RIFIN...

Our dedicated members and service personnel include:

Ilse A. de Klerk (Director & Key Individual)


Personal Finance, Risk Management, FSP Business Management & Compliance and Intermediary services


Insurance Industry since 1999, Distribution, Business Management & Compliance since 2005


Certificate: Financial Planning, Regulatory Exams: Key Indivdual; Representative


Ilse believes her success at maintaining immaculate records and correct financial documentation for every client stems from her passion and dedication - but the real truth is that she is tenacious, like a dog with a bone, she just can't let anything slip by and treats every detail as if it is the only detail and it specifically matters the most!
She loves the rigorous, the thorough and the complete - prefering to scour every inch of a document for a mistake where the rest of us would have given up long ago, and experiencing sheer bliss when she finds one.

Fergus Fence

M. Riaan Smith (Systems Integration)


Systems Analysis, Business Analysis, Automation, Data acquisition, Control and System Design


Systems Analysis since 2002, System Design since 1993 (B.Sc. CompSci.) and Programming


Riaan's love for Mathematics, Physics, Science in general and Computing systems specifically (and an unhealthy dose of workaholism) defines and drives his contributions to the processes inside RIFIN and with our clients.
Riaan started his intense interest in everything mechanical, mathematical and computable before his voice broke. He believes he is on a noble quest to rid the World of every inefficiency and is happiest when fully focused (read: lost) on a particularly difficult problem or puzzle.

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