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Are your ducks in a row?

Do you have a financial plan to make sure that your family, debt and estate are planned in such a manner that if an event would happen that you and your family aren't destitute?


Your family's current living standard

What would happen if you would become disabled?
What would happen if you are going through an illness and need time - months or years - to recover?
If in the untimely event that you could pass away, how would your wife and children live?
Have you or your family planned for your care at later stage of your life? What if frail care or assisted home nursing become necessary? These can be expensive.
Are your children active in high risk sport, and if so, have you looked at the implications of a possible life changing accident?


Debt and Agreements

Would your spouse have to sell assets to pay your estate duty and attorney fees?
Would your spouse and children have to pay your debt?
Would your spouse and children lose the family house?
Your previous marriages and maintenance agreements could impact your wishes relating to your last will and testament.
Have you signed surety for someone else?


Up to date Last Will and Testament with Estate Planning

When last did you review your will?
Would current loved ones be disadvantaged when your Last Will and Testament have to be implemented?
Does your estate have enough liquidity to pay all the relevant fees for your wishes to be executed?


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