Investment Growth Calculator

Please Note:

These calculations and illustrations are intended to be insightful in demonstrating the potential benefits of long term compound growth, aggregate investment, tracking against inflation and the impact of fees.

The calculations do not consider taxation or any special fund attributes. The field for "fees" is a single % rate linked to the investment fund value. One can use TER or EAC that would reflect on your investment statements or on fund fact sheets. Fees are normally based on a sliding scale of fund value and some providers do incorporate discounts or loyalty bonuses that may more positively impact actual fee costs in the medium to long term.

Note: Monthly payments made at the end of each month changes the calculation slightly since no interest is earned on the payment itself during the month.

Making the Inflation, Fees, Deviations or Escalations Zero, will preclude them from being displayed on the graphs or data sheets.

    Start of each month
    End of each month
    No, keep payments the same.
    Yes - Escalate Annually by (%)
    No - Just show the standard rate.
    Yes - Show Deviation from rate of (%)

The sum of the initial invested amount and any accumulated monthly contributions.


Projected period of investment during which interest is earned on accumulated value.


The total projected Costs / Fees for the duration and value of the investment.


The total projected value this investment will be worth at the end of the investment period.


Any resulting gains over and above what you have paid into the investment fund.


Investment Interest gained vs. Cost (Fees) incurred - Aim higher than 250% here.


Investment Growth over Time

Accumulation of invested amounts with interest and expected performance over time.

Hover the mouse over any charted points to reveal the calculated values at the specific points in time. Click any Legend to Show/Hide its graph.


Performance Estimate: The projected growth that an investment should offer over time at the specific interest-level.

Inflation Estimate: The projected growth of the specified inflation index. A good investment should outperform this projection by a good margin.

Investment Amount: The total investment value (initial amount plus monthly contributions) up to the specific date.

Fees (aka Costs): The amount charged by the investment house and/or fund manager who steers the fund(s) into profitable growth. There is no "right price", it's considered a healthy investment if the growth rate justifies the cost (see "Cost Efficiency" in the results above). A cheap fund that under-performs is much worse than an expensive fund that grows well. That said, being expensive is no guarantee that a fund will perform well, and vice versa.

Investment Values over Time

Showing data for invested amounts with interest and expected performance over time.


This calculation is for illustration purposes only.

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