Loan Repayment Calculator

Please Note

These calculations and illustrations are intended to be insightful in demonstrating the repayment cost and term for a typical bank-loan.

The repayment value and/or period calculations used here are based on the Industry standard for loans, but may differ slightly from most Banks' calculators as Banks often have small adjustment factors to make their offering more attractive or perhaps to cover a higher cost when offering a better service. Shop around!

If a "Voluntary Monthly Payment" is specified, the adjusted repayment period will be calculated to best fit the payment. This overrides the preselected Period. If no Loan Period or Voluntary Payment is specified, the maximum period will be selected automatically.

Fees are assumed to already include VAT.

Principal amount paid to you on mutual acceptance of the loan agreement.


Repayment period as requested, but limited to within the maximum period.


Any longer period will incur a higher monthly payment, which is not sensible.


A loan is not cost-effective when the costs outweighs the principal (Ratio > 90%).


Depletion threshold - Repaying any less will not shrink the outstanding amount and result in infinite debt.


Calculated loan amount to be re-paid monthly for the above repayment period.


The total cumulative amount you will have paid by the end of the repayment period.


Total cost of this loan: Total monthly installments to make, less the Principal amount received.



Loan Depletion over Time

Depletion of outstanding debt value over time.

Hover the mouse over any charted points to reveal the calculated values at the specific points in time. Click any Legend to Show/Hide its graph.


Payment: The payment made by you (or to you where negative) at any specific Month.

Total Paid: The total of the monthly installments paid up to this point - this is basically the opposite of the loan capital balance.

Loan Capital Balance: The total outstanding amount that remains to be paid if you simply continue paying the indicated monthly installment until the end of the loan period.

Early Settlement Value: The total amount you need to pay in a specific Month to fully settle your loan. Note that in a real loan this figure may be higher since lenders often include early-settlement penalty clauses in loans to protect their investment. Pay attention when signing agreements!

Total Cost: The accumulation of costs (fees and interest) over time to illustrate how a longer loan period with easier payments costs significantly more in the end.

Loan Depletion Values over Time

Showing data for Loan repayment amounts with depletion of outstanding value over time.


This calculation is for illustration purposes only.

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