Personal Service Level Agreement

Which services would I receive as a RIFIN member?

At RIFIN we would like to be your comprehensive partner in all your financial needs and to assist with a holistic plan to create and maintain your personal wealth.
Each service level agreement is tailored to your requirements.
Our services mentioned below is an indication of the services and member benefits that you would enjoy. These services may change from time to time (mostly to include new options), so return here regularly to see if a new service you are specifically interested in has arrived.

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A - Direct assistance by RIFIN consultants:

  • Design with you a Financial Plan to achieve your short and long-term goals (which may include any or all of the items below)
  • Explore the best Short-Term Insurance options
  • Explore the best Long Term (Life) options
  • Guide you with Investment Advice & Management solutions
  • Assist in understanding Personal Finance complexity (Such as RA, PAYE, etc.)
  • Help understanding complex Financial Products (Know the benefits and pitfalls, and Know what the fine-print says...)
  • Assist with Fund switches / redirections / encashment / withdrawals
  • Fiduciary Assistance (Last Will and Testament)
  • Employee Benefits (For your domestic or other employees)
  • Personal or Business financial-advice related Enquiries
  • Assistance with your Personal Tax

    • Personal Tax Guidance and Expense advice
    • Personal Tax Calculation
    • Submission of Personal Tax to SARS
    • Liaise with SARS on your behalf

B - Functionality available On-Line:

  • Your Financial Plan - Track your financial position against your Financial Plan
  • Products - Access or Review your current portfolio of products from anywhere
  • Budget - Adjust and Track your budget performance, Access it anywhere
  • Bank Tracker - Import your bank-statements, Classify, Annotate and Track expenses
  • Payroll - Add a simple Payroll for your domestic or other employees: Create, Track, Mail or Print Pay-slips
  • Information Store - Upload your important documents and never lose them again
  • Give Access - Everything you do on-line with us is protected by the POPI Act (Act 4 of 2013) and our Privacy Policy, it is also encrypted using highest-strength industry Cyphers and Keys - but when you want to share your information (or parts thereof) with someone (Your new broker or bank-manager, for example), simply follow the sharing consent options and have it all done in a few simple clicks rather than spending time finding, scanning, filling-in and mailing the documents every time. If you wish to share with a Financial Services Provider (FSP) that also happens to be a client of RIFIN, you could simply allow them access, and later disallow access should you choose to.

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C - Automatic services by RIFIN consultants:

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  • Track property valuations and notify of market changes that may influence your financial plan
  • Track Long Term Insurance relative values and notify of significant changes
  • Track Investment performances
  • Track Funds and notify of significant performance drift
  • Review possible Fiduciary changes annually
  • Review Financial Plan annually
  • Notify of new Products or Product-Enhancements that offer new financial advantages in the same areas as your portfolio make-up
  • Notify of new Products or Product-Enhancements that directly improve upon your current set of financial products